The Company’s Management Board
Järvevana tee 9-40
11314 Tallinn

tel. +372 602 7780

Basic details

    • RESBUD SE – one of the largest construction companies in the South-Eastern Poland.
    • We carry out contracted projects all over the country.
    • We offer the full range of construction and development services.
    • We focus on residential buildings, industrial constructions and public facilities (including, particularly, sports centres – sports halls, swimming pools, shopping malls and logistic centres).
    • RESBUD SE has been listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange since September 2007.
    • The share capital of the company amounts to 1.430.000 EUR (fully paid-up).
    • President of the Management Board – Bartosz Stradomski.





      Siedziba Spółki
      Seat of the Company